Kinoulton Villa Vets 7 v 0 Noel Street Blues

Date: February 1st 2015

Venue: Cotgrave

Starting Line Up

Jeff Haywood


Doug Jameson

Tom Clarke

Jim Gardner

Evan Moon

David Walton

Mark Wheeldon

Simon Moore

Paul Skinner

Tony Baldwin

Paul Hallam

Ivan Green

John Fairbanks

Terry Linley

Dean Hodges

Final Score: KVV FC 7 v 0 Noel Street Blues

KVV Goal Scorers: Gardner, Moore, Wheeldon, Skinner, Hallam (2), Own Goal

Man of the Match: Wheeldon

Attendance: 1

Match Report

This turned out to be more of a training match for Villa against an opposition who had been secretly praying for a heavy frost and cancellation following a full on evening of celebrations that resulted in most of them playing with very sore hangovers. The writing was on the wall pretty early on with Villa 3 goals to the good after just 15 minutes. All 3 efforts could be put down to horrific mistakes by the Noel Street keeper but as it was his 60th birthday the night before, he can be forgiven.


The first half was as one sided as they come with Noel Street barely getting in the Villa half and when they did Evan and Wol were quick to nullify any threat. In fact, the most astonishing thing was that Villa didn't go in at half time having scored more than the 6 goals they had managed. The game will perhaps be remembered most for some glaring misses and sloppy finishing from Villa who throughout the first half created chance after chance. Paul Hallam in particular will be wondering how he didn't manage to repeat his hat-trick heroics from a few weeks ago against the same team. Instead he saw shots on open goals from 4 yards, 2 yards and 8 inches all miss the target although to be fair he did bag a decent brace including the only goal of the second half which was a sublime chip (not a cross) from the edge of the area.


The second half was a bit of a non-event. Whilst Villa should have probably gone on to achieve a goal scoring record, Villa manager Jeff Haywood chose to replace the creativity of Baldwin and Moore with the cudliness of the all round (shape, not ability) Dean Hodges and the even cuddlier Linley down the right! Chances were not as forthcoming and when they did materialise Paul smashed them over the bar!


Not a lot learned from this match other than that Villa can finish better from ten yards than they can 2 yards. Injuries to Simon, who took a knock in the first minute but bravely carried on until half time, and Wol who ended the game with 2 heads, will be Haywood's biggest concerns with a big game against Bingham this coming weekend. Still, seven goals, a clean sheet and Ivan managed to play for over half an hour without killing anyone will all be positives to take into the next match.


Kinoulton Villa Vets

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