Kinoulton Villa Vets 3 v 2 East Bridgford

Date:April 2nd 2017

Venue: East Bridgford

Starting Line Up

David Walton


Doug Jameson

John Fairbanks

Tony Baldwin

Tom Clarke

Simon Moore

Mark Wheeldon

Jim Gardner

Simon Thompson

Dean Hodges

Byron Burghart

Ross Patrick

KVV Goal Scorers: Burghart, Gardner, Wheeldon

Man of the Match: Walton

Special Award: Burghart

Match Report

An unspectacular performance by Villa in a relatively uneventful game. A quiet dressing room prior to kick off is always a good indication of how the match is going to pan out and the only sound coming from Villa as they prepared for the match was the whimpering of Byron’s protestations regarding own goals that he was still trying to claim as his own.

On the pitch, it was clear that this whole situation was starting to affect him mentally as he seemed to completely forget even the basics such as the size of the pitch. Every time Byron received the ball he attacked the opposition goal like it were actually 50 yards beyond the goal line and then seemed bemused as he attempted to cross the ball from one of the gardens in the house opposite the pitch.

To be fair to Byron, he did manage to score a well taken completely legitimate goal and also made another tackle to take his season’s tally to 2, double what he managed to achieve last season. He just needs to head the ball once now and he will have improved on all of last year’s stats.

Meanwhile, it was great to have Deano back for the 11 minutes that he was able to play before rupturing his meta-donut. Fortunately we had Ross on the bench which was lucky as East Bridgford were massively outnumbering us in terms of headless chickens.

Despite a lack of creativity for once, Villa did manage to score 3, with Mark and Jim bagging in addition to Byron. Some sloppy defending did allow Bridgford to get 2 on the board themselves though and had it not been for a man of the match performance from goalkeeper Wol, this game may have ended in defeat.

Bridgford waster a golden chance to take even a point in the dying minutes when there star striker put the ball wide with the goal practically gaping. As he was quick to say though, as the rest of his team berated him, the only real thing missing from his game as a striker was his ability to finish.

Final score Villa 3, East Bridgford 2.

Kinoulton Villa Vets

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