Kinoulton Villa 1 v 3 Bingham Town Vets

Date: December 13th 2015

Venue: Cotgrave

Starting Line Up

Jeff Haywood


Simon Mottram

Colin Elliott

Jim Gardner

Steve Harris

Tony Baldwin

Mark Wheeldon

Simon Moore

Simon Thompson

Paul Skinner

Tom Clarke

David Walton

Byron Burghart

KVV Goal Scorers: Thompson

Man of the Match: Wheeldon


Match Report

Everyone said it had to end, but no! Jim Gardner`s record for being fined in consecutive games remains intact. After dragging himself out of his bed following a late Christmas bash, Jim was grinning like the Cheshire Cat having arrived early for the game against Bingham, but then disaster struck, he had forgotten the medal and the tour got a little cheaper for everyone.


Unfortunately 11 months 1 week and 18 straight wins came to an end as KVV went down 3-1 to their arch rivals. Disappointingly, with a squad the size of ours we could only turn out 12 players and a ref for this key fixture. However those present battled well (perhaps too well as Simon Moore ran round like a Tasmanian devil on speed for 90 minutes) but ultimately fell short.


Bingham was certainly the more cultured team and flew out of the blocks scoring at the near post with an unchallenged header after 30 seconds. Losing the aforementioned fine machine to his customary Bingham injury after 10 minutes certainly was a blow to the pies and a reshuffle was necessary. Byron, who had asked not to play because of the big nasty man playing right back for Bingham came on with Paul dropping back and Tarka Clarke having yet another go upfront (epic fail). Kinoulton continued to press and Bingham was limited to a couple of efforts in the first half, which Safe Hands was up to those (for once).


Villa battled well creating numerous chances and had at least 3 clear cut opportunities to equalise. The pressure was showing on Bingham who uncharacteristically gave the ball away at the back, however Villa could not take advantage, 1-0 half time.


Half time saw Wol and Jeff changing roles and the game continued in much the same fashion. Villa pressing, Simon kicking and punching and Bingham scoring against the run of play. At 0-2 the Magpies looked to be out of this one but Tommo bravely got his head to one, halving the deficit, but despite their best efforts the equaliser would not come and Bingham sneaked a third towards the end.


Outplayed maybe, but definitely not outfought.


Young Mark bagged man of the match for his tireless running; it will be interesting to see if he still has the medal on Sunday.


Kinoulton Villa Vets

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