Kinoulton Villa Vets 2 v 2 Sugar Loaf


Date: September 28th 2014

Venue: Cotgrave

Starting Line Up

Ivan Green


Colin Elliott

Tom Clarke

Jim Gardner

Tony Baldwin

David Walton

Simon Smith

Dean Hodges

Dominic Moyes

Simon Moore

Terry Linley


Mark Belton

Paul Skinner

Final Score: KVV FC 2 v 2 Sugar Loaf

KVV Goal Scorers: Smith, Tommo

Man of the Match: Tom Clarke

Attendance: 2

Match Report

It was a much improved performance from Villa but the team is still failing to reproduce the kind of football that delivered such good results last season. A strong squad saw Villa able to field an established centre back pairing, in Tony and Wol, for the first time this season and the results were there for all to see as they restricted the Sugar Loaf attack to very few chances in the first half. At the other end, the midfield trio of Jim, Dean and Simon were combining well but were again stuggling to create too many out and out chances. On another day, Simon might have had a couple in the first half but having cleared 3 houses with a volley in the warm up, the writing (and a fine) was always on the wall. Dom was working hard up front whilst Terry and Nobby were both putting in good shifts down either flanks.


With the score at 0-0 at half time, and with Villa having had the better of the first half, there was an expectation of victory. With all 3 subs coming on for the start of the second half, the team had fresh legs down the right and Tommo to continue the good work Dom had produced in the first half. It looked like the break through might just come from the right with Mark causing the Sugar Loaf defence a number of problems but sadly Villa just couldn't produce a final finish.


Sugar Loaf got their first goal following a sepculative cross to the far post which Villa probably should have cleared. A breakway run later in the half saw Ivan attempt to mame their centre forward but fortunately only resulted in him knocking him 30 feet in the air. Even Jeff couldn't not award the penalty from which Sugar Loaf doubled their lead.


With only 15 minutes to go, things were looking bleak. Legs were tired and it was difficult to see Villa getting any sort of result. However, an inspired substitution saw the reintroduction of Dom giving Villa twice the power up front. One of several unrewarded attacks eventually produced a corner which was immaculately delivered leaving Nobby with nothing to do other than let the ball bounce of his beautifully coiffeured bonce into the goal. Sugar Loaf were starting to feel the pressure and a couple of players were starting abuse the referee. Despite being on a final warning, when one of Sugar Loaf's midfielders unfairly challenged Simon on the edge of the area and then proceeeded to "argue" his innocence, Jeff had little choice but to send him off. Tommo rifled the resulting free kick through an unconvincing wall and Villa had rescued a draw from a game that they probably should have won.


With Bingham up next, Villa will need to continue to improve. There is a general feeling that the team is playing too narrowly which is resulting in very few crosses into the box and is not allowing the team to utilise fully the attributes of the players on the flanks. Having said that, both Tom and Terry combined brilliantly down the left in the first half and when given the opportunity, both Nobby and Mark looked threatening running at players down the right.


Kinoulton Villa Vets

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