Kinoulton Villa Vets Football Club


Kinoulton Villa Vets was formed in 2005 as part of the Kinoulton Villa Club (1986) when some of the more "senior" players started to struggle to get a game with the young ones! The first official "Vets" game was against Sutton Bonnington, on the Hickling pitch, managed by Rug (or is that Rugaldinho). That game was won 6-2 and interestingly the first 3 goals were scored by players with the initials JB.


After 1 year Rug decided to retire at the top with a record of 12 games, 9 wins, 1 draw and 2 losses. Jeff ‘Safe Hands’ Haywood became our manager in 2006, and is now the longest serving Manager in Kinoulton Villa’s 28 year history. 


From the original team of 2005 Jeff, Colin, Doug, Wol, Tony and John Ponytail are still playing along with Rug as best supporter and Jame Bogue as Chairman.


Sadly, the "Youth Team" folded in 2012 leaving the Vet’s as the sole representatives of a club formed 28 years ago. It would be fair to say we are just a group of good mates who love to play football and enjoy the occasional social drink.


Kinoulton Villa is officially based in the village of Kinoulton which is located in the Vale of Belvoir right in South Nottinghamshire, right on the border with Leicestershire. We play our home games in Cotgrave and have a mixture of players from around the Nottinghamshire area. As a vets team, all of our players are over the age of 35, with some even approaching 55!


We are a very social club and we are keen to impress on any new players the need to embrace this aspect.


In terms of football, we play a decent but (mostly) friendly standard. We try and get in around 20 games a season which works out on average that we play 2 out of 3 Sundays. There is no league, however, so any fixtures that we lose to the weather usually remain lost.

Managerial Rolecall


Kinoulton Villa FC


1986-87          James Bogue / Tony Leverton

1987-90          Jim Parker

1990-94          Norman Evans

1994-97          Graham Forman

1997-03          Gary Berney

2003-04          Tony Leverton

2004-11          Rob Evans




Kinoulton Villa Vets FC


2005-06          Rug

2006-              Jeff Haywood        




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