James Bogue


Nickname: Bogie (never ever call him Jim)


Position: Chairman


Attributes: The driving force of Kinoulton Villa. He is one of the few who has accepted that his playing days are over whilst the rest of us dreamers still think that we stand an outside chance of Roy Hodgson's squad! Continues to support the team and the club with all of his might despite his lack of playing time.


Memorable Moment(s): James' last ever game for the Vets was an exhibition match against a very strong French touring side. Not only that, but part way through the game having received a pass from Doug (who had clearly mistaken him for Tony) James took a slight touch and then rifled it in to the top corner! Sadly, as this game did not appear on the official fixture list for the season, none of the stats counted towards the full season results. In the end, Terry was awarded the Goal of the Season for a 1 yard ricochet goal off his knee.