Kinoulton Villa Vets 4 v 0 Wollaton

Date: December 18th 2016

Venue: Alford Road

Starting Line Up

David Walton


Doug Jameson

Colin Elliott

Ian Thompson

Tony Baldwin

Tom Clarke

Mark Wheeldon

Jim Gardner

Simon Chapman

Simon Moore

Byron Burghart

Jeff Haywood

KVV Goal Scorers: Moore (2), Wheeldon, Burghart

Man of the Match: Moore


Match Report

Having put 12 past Wollaton earlier in the season, things didn't look good for the home side when Mark latched on to a Byron through ball just 15 seconds from kick off. As Mark rolled the ball calmly towards the net, it looked to everyone like the Wollaton defender would clear it but his stylish air kick saw the ball crawl over the line to make it 1-0.

With a strong but bare eleven, employed by manager Jeff Haywood in an unfamiliar 4-3-2-1 formation, Villa perhaps expected the floodgates to open but it wasn't to be. With the slope and the wind in their favour, Wollaton dug in hard limiting Villa to only a handful of chances.

The midfield 3 of Jim, Simon and Moby perhaps had a much harder match than expected with all 3 battling hard to win the ball and create chances at every available opportunity. Moby in particular proved there is no such thing as a 50/50 as he appeared to come out of every challenge with the ball firmly glued to his foot. Sadly when he found himself open in the opposition penalty box with the goal seemingly gaping, said glue seemed to get his feet stuck in the mud and as he tried to drop his shoulder and beat the final defender when shooting seemed the most sensible option. As a result he fell arse over tit and became the first ever recipient of the new donkey of the match award. Somewhat unjustified given his performance for the rest of the game.

With Tony unavailable, Jeff had been forced to select a new skipper for the match. With only a small squad, the team required a warrior to lead by example, someone with years of experience playing for Villa who wore his heart on his sleeve and was able to contribute in all areas of the pitch. But instead Jeff elected to go with the person who was likely to receive the most fines that day so that he could then double them for maximum effect. Nevertheless Simon took his role very seriously and it was he who doubled Villa's lead half way through the first half when he was on hand to convert after Mark's excellent run and pull back down the right hand side.

Villa had several other chances, most notably from corners with Tom, Jim and Simon all narrowly missing from Mark's excellent deliveries. Byron eventually grabbed a third with a strong finish to make it 3-0 going in to the break.

With a downhill advantage in the second half, Villa were again perhaps over confident about their chances in the second half. Even Doug felt he had a goal in him and had to be duly ushered back to his position when he somehow popped up in the opposition six yard box. But with Chappo struggling after taking a knock to the ribs in the first half, Villa seemed to lose a bit of energy and momentum. Wollaton weren't exactly causing any problems, however, with Tom and JPT firmly in control at the back. Villa were able to add a fourth when the ball broke to Simon after a half clearance from Wollaton. Yet again, Wollaton's inability to clear let them down as Simon's relatively tame shot crept in to the bottom corner through the defender's legs.

With time running out, Villa needed some sort of spark to get them to the end of the game. It came in the form of now Player Manager Jeff Haywood. Whilst not averse to seeing the ball fly into the net, Haywood had never actually scored at the right end prior to this game and he was confident of wrestling the title of Villa's oldest ever scorer away from Colin.

Jeff's chance came with only second's remaining. Occupying a static forward position, Haywood received the ball from the left and turned towards the goal. With defenders struggling to close him down and the Wollaton keeper still recovering to get in position, the impossible looked possible. Composing himself, Jeff set his sights, checked his stride and pulled back his leg before rolling it to his right from Simon to slice his finish wide. Will Haywood ever get another chance?

Final score, Villa 4, Wollation 0.



Kinoulton Villa Vets

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